If the last secondary school you attended was a Durham District School Board school and you require your Ontario Student Transcript, please review the information below and click “Continue to Request” to complete the online form.

  • If your last date of attendance at a Durham District School Board secondary school was prior to 1986, your transcript does not exist within our online database and you will need to contact the school directly to obtain a copy.
  • We do not fax transcripts
  • You will be notified via e-mail when your transcript has been mailed.

Notice for Summer School Students:

The marks for July summer school course(s) will not appear on your transcript until mid August. The marks will be transmitted to the Colleges and Universities on August 13. You do not need to request a transcript if you are applying to an Ontario University or College covered by OUAC or OCAS.

The transcript fee is $10.00 per copy (to a maximum of $20.00).
Due to COVID-19, please note that we are currently only accepting e-transfer as a method of payment. Transfers can be made to itservices_epay@ddsb.ca

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